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Congratulation for Register !

Welcome to the Photocoach TRIBU

Let's go!

I'm so excited that you decided to participate in the Keep Clients module System training

You definitely made the right choice!

Here is the continuation:

# 1 Look at your emails, you will receive within the next 15 minutes, all the information necessary to participate in the program

# 2  Click on the link to access the VIP FB group

# 3 Press the button to directly access the elearning platform and you can complete your registration by adding a user name and create your own password.

Note: Make sure you complete each of the lessons so that the next step is unlocked and you can have access to the working documents. There will be quiz questions for certain section of the training.

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If you have questions or problems with the course?
write me here so that I can come back to the rescue:

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